About alan's Art

The Inspiration for My Paintings

Tropical artist, Alan Zawacki, on Solomon Beach, St. John, USVI

"For the past 20 years, I've made regular trips to the Caribbean. This spectacular collection of island paradises has not only provided me with many life-enriching experiences but has also allowed me opportunities to create captivating pieces of art.

I cherish and file away experiences such as coming face-to-face with a barracuda while snorkeling in the clear water of Secret Harbour, St. Thomas, to diving down on a plane wreck in the Bahamas, to drinking fresh milk from a coconut just pulled down from the tree."

Celebrated for the Depiction of Tropical Water

Original tropical seascape painting by Alan Zawacki

"I have always been fascinated with the brilliant, translucent blues and greens of the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Ocean. I love to look down through the water and see the shifting colors and glimmering reflections of the sun. 

Sometimes, depending on the angle of sight, you will see the sun reflecting off of the surface of the water and sometimes you will see the sun reflecting off of the sandy bottom. Capturing that effect on canvas has been a joyful challenge in my paintings."

Dramatic Use of Light and Shadow

Original tropical seascape painting by Alan Zawacki

"I enjoy using the portrayal of light and shadow to create drama in my Caribbean Islands scenes."

This beautiful tropical art seascape, Out of the Shadow,  depicts the anticipation of seeing the private cove with crystal clear turquoise water as you come out of the shadows of the tropical foliage into the bright, warm sunlight."

High Quality at Every Step

Tropical Artist, Alan Zawacki, with one of his original paintings in a customer's home

"All of my paintings are created with high-quality canvases and paints. Paintings are created on premium stretched gallery wrap canvases, painted around the edges to create a continuation of the image on all sides (no frame needed) or canvas wrapped panels, which are framed. All are ready to hang on your favorite wall.

I've been selling my art online for 10 years to homeowners and businesses across the country and Europe. Throughout my career I am proud to say that I have kept a 100% positive feedback rating of satisfied customers."

My Style

Original tropical beach painting by Alan Zawacki

"Many of my paintings are created in a "representational" style -- meaning they aim to represent the scene in a fairly accurate manner but allowing for an artistic originality. I am also introducing a more abstract style into some works which I call "tropical abstract.

Most of my colors are taken from the tropical locations that I've visited -- brilliant turquoise water, subtle touches of gold, tan and red reflecting off of the sand, and varying greens of the foliage."

Custom Commission Paintings

An original tropical beach painting by Alan Zawacki

“In addition to my portfolio of existing paintings, I receive requests for custom commissioned paintings from buyers.

Many of my commissions have been ordered as anniversary, birthday or holiday gifts for a loved one. 

Other custom paintings are commissioned by new home buyers to enhance the ambiance of their vacation beach home or interior designers who may want to provide single or multiple large original statement paintings as the focal points of various rooms in new or remodeled homes."

What Customers Are Saying

Customer Reviews


"The first time we saw Alan's art work we fell in love with it! The beautiful, relaxing colors of the seascapes have an energy of joy. We love surrounding ourselves with beautiful things and Alan's art work is a perfect match for our newly remodeled coastal style home. In fact after returning home from our honeymoon in Moorea we thought the best way to capture the beauty & feeling of our trip was to have Alan do a commission painting that was a combination of our favorite photos from our trip. He exceeded our expectation; We highly recommend Alan for his quality of work and his warm professionalism."

-- L. Chambers, Florida

“This looks even better in person! I ordered it for my husband for our anniversary since we went here on our honeymoon and it was perfect! It shipped quickly and he absolutely loved it. Thank you!!”

-- M. Orlandi, Utah

"What a beautiful painting! Such a gifted Artist and quite professional to deal with! I had been looking for a beach original when I happened upon his work and I knew where this was before I read the title because we had been there and I recognized it! :) That was just icing though because regardless, Alan's beach scenes were the only ones I had come across to capture the vibrant colors. It's like looking at a photograph or standing on that beach once again. THANK YOU!"

-- D. Wells, Colorado

"I love it!! I LOVE it. Each time I see it, it inspires me more. Thank you so much for painting it for me. I continue to marvel at the colors, the light, the atmosphere you have captured in the Magen's Bay painting. It reflects a different mood as the lighting changes. I love the colors at twilight! I walk into my living room and I am transported to the Caribbean. Thank you. I truly love this piece! You greatly exceeded my expectations."

-- J. Laslo, Pennsylvania

"Our two Sunset paintings are magnificent and constantly changing with the light. The commissioned painting of "The Boat" and a painting "Out of the Shadow" are outstanding in composition, color, light and shadows inviting you into the scene. Thank you so much for your talent and your friendship."

-- D. and H. Learned, Florida

"Great art! I had to buy a third painting! My wife will love it for our anniversary. Beautiful."

-- C. Kemmis , Minnesota

"I have had the pleasure of observing Alan create several of his works while vacationing in the US Virgin Islands and Jamaica. I suspect anyone who purchases his paintings will immediately feel his passion for his vocation and be transported to these idyllic settings." --- A. Andrew, Pennsylvania

"If you have an interest in beach art, Alan's studio is where you should buy. Wine at Sunset is stunning!! The mixture of orange,blues ,yellows and reds are wonderful. Thanks Alan"

--- A. DiMatties, Florida

"I contacted Alan about the potential of doing painting of my wife and her mom off of a photo of them by the seaside. Alan took the time to go to the exact spot of the picture near Venice, FL, and produced a wonderful mother/daughter scene, and well within my budget and within a reasonable time frame. Unfortunately, my wife and mother-in-law are now fighting over whose house it should be mounted in." 

-- C. Whittaker, Florida

Copyright of work, including all rights of reproduction in any form, are held by the artist, Alan Zawacki. Ask for permission to use the images to reproduce them in any form. Even if you own the original work of art,  Alan Zawacki, the artist retains the rights to the image. This is to  prevent unauthorized reproduction of my artwork.  -- Thank you

An original commissioned beach painting by Alan Zawacki hanging in a customer's home

An original commissioned beach painting by Alan Zawacki hanging in a customer's home